Our Mission

Columbus Window Cleaning is committed to providing superior service, in a timely and courteous manner, resulting in loyal and happy customer.

Our professional window cleaners provide outstanding service that "lets the sun shine in!" With the know-how to return your windows to a like-new condition and the skills to keep them that way, we will be certain to clean inside and out and in the corners too, wiping down your window frames and sills. Each of our window cleaning crews is supervised by a foreman, responsible for meeting or exceeding your expectations, and all our employees are trained, bonded and insured


Safety and security is a primary concern. Columbus Window Cleaning complies with all OSHA standards and we are the only Central Ohio window cleaning company to conduct mandatory monthly safety training sessions for all our employees. Each session is conducted by an experienced representative of the window cleaning industry and/or a safety consultant from the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. Topics covered regularly include:

  1. Cold Stress

  2. A Drug Free Workplace - Drug/Alcohol Policy

  3. Hazard Communication

  4. Ladder Safety

  5. Heat Stress

  6. Emergency Preparedness/Severe Weather

  7. Personal Protective Equipment/Fall Protection

  8. Working and Walking Surfaces

  9. Safe Lifting Techniques and Back Stress

  10. Swing Stage and Scaffold Safety

  11. Violence in the Workplace

  12. High-Rise Rescue

As of February 2011, all of our window cleaners have completed the OSHA 10-Hour Safety Program. Members of our supervisory and management staff also took part in this program, including our Office Manager, Human Resources Administrator, and President, Lynn Elliott.

As of January 2012, all of our Supervisors and Crew Chiefs completed CPR training with the Columbus Division of Fire. Also taking the training were our office staff and Lynn Elliott.

Additionally, our Director of Operations successfully participated in the International Window Cleaning Association's International Safety Training Seminar in January 2010.

Many of our window cleaners have received lift safety certification from Bobcat Enterprises.

And of course, we are a Drug-Free Workplace!



Columbus Window Cleaning has always prided itself on providing affordable window cleaning, and we make a point of reviewing our pricing policies regularly to ensure that we are remaining competitive within the industry.

The Wall Street Journal compared the cost and quality of four national window cleaning franchises by having each one clean a single home in one of their service areas. Naturally, it's difficult to compare prices without considering the cost of living in the four test locations. Other variables include how windows are counted and the full range of costs charged by each company within a given service area. However, it is possible to draw some reasonable comparisons.

Each window cleaning company has a minimum charge for residential window cleaning. Generally this fee is based on distance from the main office; for example, a company might charge a minimum of $80 for homes in the downtown, a minimum of $90 for those in the suburbs, and $120 for those farther out.

Among the four companies sampled, the average minimum charge was $128, placing our minimum costs comfortably below average. The median charge was $136.50 - that's the price midway between the highest and lowest charges - and the most common minimum was $100. In both cases Columbus Window Cleaning still looks pretty good!

Whether you measure value in dollars spent, time saved, or superior performance, Columbus Window Cleaning is the Winner.


Bidding a commercial window cleaning job is both a science and an art. On the one hand, calculating the number of windows and square footage of glass on a building, and translating that into a price based on the number of man-hours and supplies needed, is a pretty basic process. On the other, one must also take into account less concrete factors, such as weather patterns that may affect the timing of the job, special customer requests, and unique equipment needed to work around the architectural and engineering features of each structure.

Columbus Window Cleaning has decades of experience in bidding, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the best price for the job. As our competitors are quick to point out, it may not always be the cheapest price; but we assure you that it will be a fair price that will support quality workmanship and service. In addition, we are willing to work with customers to negotiate prices for on-going window cleaning, establish payment plans suited to your needs, and we may be able to offer discounts on certain jobs in exchange for rapid payment. Always feel free to ask us if we can match a competitor’s price, especially if we have a history of service with your company.


Post-construction clean-up is a specialty of Columbus Window Cleaning. Our professional window cleaners are familiar with how to conduct themselves on construction sites, and of the particular precautions necessary when working with newly installed glass. They are aware of the costly potential for damage from fabricating debris found on glass, and have procedures in place to report damage we discover prior to cleaning.

Our Quality Control Supervisor personally follows after the men on select job sites as they clean, inspecting and using a system of post-it notes to tag windows that fail to meet our standards. Referred to as ‘Sis’ by our window cleaners, she helps keep them humming along efficiently to provide you the very best quality of service.

From ground floor to penthouse, we have the ability to help you bring your job in on time and on budget.