Stain Removal

Concrete serves as the basic building material for virtually all of our structures. It is an ancient and remarkable material, but it comes with a few drawbacks of particular concern for window cleaners. Composed of varying amounts of calcium, silicon, and aluminum oxides, as well as other minerals found in the aggregate, concrete is subject to erosion. Chemical reactions to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and exposure to rain can lead to minerals leaching out of the concrete. The result is discoloration of building surfaces, and the build-up of mineral deposits on window glass. These mineral deposits, commonly referred to as “lime deposits” by window cleaners, can be exceedingly difficult to remove, often requiring special solvents that must be used carefully to avoid damaging the glass below. Even more frustrating is the fact that, without applying expensive sealers to the concrete and/or installing suitable drip-edging around windows, the mineral deposits will continue to build up. Fortunately, after years of dealing with the problems posed by lime deposits, Columbus Window Cleaning has identified the perfect mix of cleaning products and technique to effectively deal with mineral-encrusted glass. Though still a time-consuming process, the results are spectacular!

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