CWC Office Staff - the Voices on the Phone

“Thank you for calling Columbus Window Cleaning; this is Sandra – ”
When you call our office, the voice you hear will belong to one of two administrative assistants: Sandra Klepas or Rezella Fraley. Rezella has been with the company since 1986, and currently serves as Office Manager. “You’d think that after working here for 20 years, the job would be pretty mundane and stale, but every day brings something different,” Rezella says. “I enjoy the people, and the diversity of both our customers and the window cleaners. We’re a small company, and it feels like a family.” Sandra is a relatively new addition to this family, having joined the company in 2007. With a background in health insurance, she is something of a big sister to the staff, watching over the men to make sure every ‘I’ is dotted and ‘T’ is crossed on their health and safety paperwork. Both ladies are ready to answer any questions you may have about your window cleaning needs, and are happy to describe other services we can provide, such as cleaning light fixtures, power-washing decks and patios, and cleaning out gutters. When you call to schedule a cleaning, you’ll find their cheerful, professional manner makes the experience a pleasant one.

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