World's Largest Windows

The largest window in the world is considered to be the rose window of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, with a diameter of 13.1 meters (39.3 feet – the length of a mid-size semi-trailer!) and a circumference of 41.1 meters (123.4 feet). Also known as Catherine windows (after St. Catherine), rose windows appear on many of the world’s great cathedrals. Icons of gothic architecture, rose windows are often composed of tens of thousands of pieces of stained glass. They differ from ocular windows – circular windows composed of one piece of glass – by their spokes and the tracery around their edges. Closer to home, the largest rose window in the United States is The Great Rose Window above the main entrance of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. Notre Dame’s rose window notwithstanding, Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Illinois bills its mausoleum as having the largest “stained glass” window in the world. However, both windows are composed of multiple panes of glass. The largest single-pane window in the world is not glass, but acrylic. Found at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, it measures 54 feet long by 15 feet high, and provides views of the Aquarium’s deep ocean environment.

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