Director of operations James Waddy trains Jason Bradford in high-rise self- rescue techniques.


It's hard to beat a mechanical lift for getting a job done quickly and safely! 


Working above the trees; about 30 stories up, in fact.


It's a long way down to the ground from the top of Miranova Condominiums.


Cleaning the interior partition glass of an entrance vestibule.


Embodying our focus on safety, one man steadies the ladder while another ascends at the 5/3 Building.


Window cleaner Chris Escamilla hams it up for the camera - muscular arms are a happy side-effect of window cleaning. 

Work Gallery.

A picture paints a thousand words, but only clean windows will let in the natural light that artist prefer to paint by! We hope you enjoy these images of Columbus Window Cleaning at work. Additional photos can be found on our Facebook page.


Cleaning the Patio Doors
Window cleaner Dan Click cleans patio doors at a Central Ohio

Window cleaners Terry Draper and Keith Cooper provide full service to a home in German Village: first cleaning the windows and then putting up wreaths for the season. Columbus Window Cleaning is happy to hang holiday decorations and lighting provided by our customers, commercial or residential.


Windows cleaners Bruce Newby and Chris Escamilla offer a friendly wave to the cameraman below as they work from a scaffold on the Borden Building.

"Oh he flies through the air with the greatest of ease..." Window cleaner Eric Rodrigues nimbly adjusts his lines as he shifts from the centermost tower of the 5/3 Building to the wider outer base.

No matter how large or small your window may be we can get the job done! Here is one of our window cleaners at work on 150 East Gay Street.


Window cleaners Elvin Velasquez and Eduardo Aquino Brito at work on the Crestview Middle School Renovation.

The Crew

A representative sampling or our diverse team of professional window cleaners. (This shot was unwisely staged by our non-professional photographer, who asked the men to look into the sun for the shot as they were preparing for the day's work!)

It's hard to beat the exuberance our guys have for the job, aptly shown by Geremias Dzul, at left. Especially when it involves hanging off the side of large buildings - but Geudiel Cortez, at right, makes it look easy.

Safety Training

BWC Consultant Nelson Redd provides instruction on the symptoms, effects and first aid techniques associated with heat stress - an ever present hazard during the summer months.

Here's Nelson Redd again, working with Columbus Window Cleaning Supervisor Bennie Moon to review ladder safety with our employees...

...who are seen here intently following along, for truly, their lives could depend on it. From left to right: Dan Click, Jimmy Blythe, Terry Draper, Norman Harley, and Bruce Newby.

Some of Our Clients

Nationwide Plaza One

 So high up, it's impossible to see the three window cleaners in the scaffold!


Always important to have these windows clean by Red, White and Boom! 

Nationwide Children's Hospital 


The Fifth-Third Building 

Did we tell you about the time our Director of Operations was strafed by falcons while working on this building? No animals were harmed - it's all just part of the job!

And many, many more, including Battelle, Brio, Dayton International Airport, Fairfield Medical Center, Huntington National Bank, Nationwide Arena, North Market, the Ohio Statehouse, Time Warner-Zanesville, and WBNS-TV.