In addition to our fantastic window cleaning, we also provide the following services:


Screens - clean windows aren't nearly as nice without clean screens to go with them. Give us the nod and we'll get the dirt and grime off!

Storm Windows - as long as we're working on your windows, why not have us install your storm windows in the Autumn and take them down in the Spring? We can handle the heavy lifting!

Chandeliers and Lighting Fixtures - we have the "light" touch needed to clean glass, crystal, iron and brass. While we're there with our ladders, why not let us change your burned-out, hard-to-reach light bulbs as well? You need only provide the bulbs!

Gutters - in the cold and damp of November, let us dig the leaves and debris out of your gutters. We go out in the cold so you don't have to!


Ceiling Fans - we're happy to dust and polish your ceiling fans, both with and without lights attached!

Mirrors - whether it's the gilded mirror in the hall or the wall panel mirror over the bathroom sink you'll be able to see our high standards of service reflected in them clearly!

Glass Table Tops - Conference tables, desks, dining tables or patio furniture, we know how to safely lift and support the glass as we clean both sides. You have only to have them cleared off for us!

Stainless Steel, Marble and Granite - do you have water-stained marble wall tiles in the bath? A stainless steel countertop that's gone dull and flat? Ask us if we can help!


Power-washing - decks, patios, walkways, stucco, vinyl fencing and concrete driveways, we get the stain out!

Holiday Decorations - if you've got the lights, we've got the ladders. We're happy to go "up on the housetop" to secure strands of lights, wreaths, and garlands!

Icicle Removal - don't risk a bump on the head or damage to your gutters. We have the equipment it takes to reach your eaves and knock down the ice, before it knocks you out!



Naturally, there is a certain amount of overlap between categories among the services listed at the right. Many homes have ceiling fans and glass table tops, many businesses have chandeliers and gutters. We have simply grouped the services according to how most request have been made in the past.