A newspaper ad from 1929, encouraging building tenants to use Columbus Window Cleaning.

Lynn Elliott, Columbus Window Cleaning Co. President


Testing nanotechnology stain removers in Dublin, Ohio 2009

About Us

Columbus Window Cleaning Company

Established as a family business by N.M. Siegel in 1909, Columbus Window Cleaning has been serving residential and commercial customers for over a century. During our long history, we’ve successfully operated through two World Wars, the Great Depression, and numerous smaller social, economic, and political upheavals. We’ve watched the City of Columbus literally rise from a modest state capital with buildings of limited height to a thriving cosmopolitan city with 22 skyscrapers of 20 stories or more, most of which we’ve cleaned at one time or another! 

Since our founding, Columbus Window Cleaning has had only three owner/presidents; the last of the family owners was Neal H. Schultz, who ran the company from 1965 to 1999. Running a business is easily a full-time job, but Schultz found time to carry on the company tradition of giving back to the community. He is perhaps best known for his term as chair of the Worker’s Compensation Oversight Commission from 1995 to 1999, during which employer’s costs for worker’s compensation were reduced and worker’s benefits increased. 

In 2000, Lynn Elliott purchased the company and used her business experience and savvy to prepare Columbus Window Cleaning for the new century. Elliott de-concentrated managerial and other responsibilities from the upper levels of the company and seeded them among our employees through the creation of several supervisory Crew Chief positions, thus giving team members additional responsibility for outcomes and promoting greater efficiency. Elliott also diversified the services we offer to meet changes in the marketplace, establishing post-construction clean-up as a specialty of the business; and placed greater emphasis on working with team members to improve on-the-job safety and customer service, resulting in greater employee retention and an increase in our client base. 

Columbus Window Cleaning became certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise in 2003, and is an approved BWC Drug-Free Workplace contractor. In 2007 Columbus Window Cleaning Company instituted monthly, mandatory safety training for all employees, supported by safety consultants from the Bureau of Workers Compensation. We are the only window cleaning company in Central Ohio to have regular safety trainings for all its  employees; this type of ongoing Safety Training Program is an unusual commitment in the window cleaning business, but it has been very well received by employees, customers, and potential clients. 

Elliott continues our tradition of community service, supporting charities that support families and children, and she serves on a number of boards for non-profit agencies. Among the most notable are Columbus Housing Partnership and the Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corporation; Elliot also serves on the Board of ProMusica Chamber Orchestra. Her contributions to the community have been recognized by the National Association of Women Business Owners, who named her their 2008 Visionary Award winner, and by Smart Business Magazine and Medical Mutual, who presented Elliott with a 2010 Pillar Award for Community Service. 

In recent years, Columbus Window Cleaning has cleaned such notable buildings as the Nationwide Arena, Miranova and North Bank Condominiums, and the Ross Heart Hospital, new Mechanical Engineering Building, and Thompson Library at The Ohio State University. Rather than rest on our laurels, however, we continue to work for the future, testing new products and investigating new methods of environmentally friendly, cost-effective window cleaning. We intend to continue providing the very best value for your money with our high quality window cleaning services, and look forward to another century as Columbus’ premier window cleaning company.

A Columbus Window Cleaner works on the Farm Bureau Building, 1940

Cleaning skylights during the 1972 Ohio State House renovation.

Windows in the Main Reading room of the OSU Thompson Library - specially cleaned by us in the summer of 2009.